23 - 27 October 2024

Rules & Regulations

1. Participation in the school days is open to schools from both Ireland and the UK.
2. Post-primary school choirs may enter more than one competition (each entry must be made on a separate form and requires a separate fee).
3. National competitions are open to choirs from Ireland and the UK.
4. National choirs may enter more than one national competition (each entry must be made on a separate form and requires a separate fee).
5. The majority of singers in all national choirs must be over 15 years of age, apart from the Youth and Sacred/Gospel categories.
6. The International Competition is open to any youth or adult choir of international standing.
7. Choirs accepted for participation in the International Competition are excluded from entering any of the national categories.

1. No choir may sing the same repertoire in two different competitions, with the exception of the National Choir of the Festival competition, which allows repetition of previously presented pieces.
2. Piano or one other principal accompanying instrument is permitted in all school and national competitions. Choirs may also use up to a maximum of two additional instruments, if indicated on the score.
3. Changes to the submitted programme are not permitted.
4. Choirs will be penalised for a programme that does not adhere to the stated time limits for each competition.
5. Adjudicators will award marks for the technical ability and artistic quality of each choir, and for the variety and communication of their programme.

Broadcasting, Recording and Photographic Rights:
1. Performances throughout the festival may be photographed, recorded for subsequent reproduction and/or broadcast on radio or television.
2. All broadcasting and photographic rights to the performances will belong to the festival and may be used for promotional use as it sees fit.
3. Choirs will not receive payment for recordings or photographs used and the festival will be entitled to reproduce any such recording or photograph for sale or promotional use.
4. All choirs with members under the age of 18 years must ensure that the necessary consent is obtained from the young people and their parents/guardians prior to taking part in the festival. 
5. If any choir does not wish to be broadcast, recorded or photographed, it must inform the Festival Board of this in advance of the festival.

Travel, Accommodation, Meals:
1. All travel costs to and from the festival are the responsibility of each participating choir.
2. All accommodation and meal costs at the festival are the responsibility of each participating choir.
3. Participating choirs are responsible for organising, booking and paying for all travel, accommodation and meals.
4. For competing choirs travelling from outside the UK and Ireland, the festival will provide a per diem subsidy for each choir member in the amount of £15. The subsidy will be provided for up to a maximum of four participatory days, for a maximum of 40 people (including conductor). Per diems are calculated on the number of participatory days that a choir takes part in the festival.
5. For visiting choirs, from outside the island of Ireland, the festival will provide all local transport, from the City of Derry Airport or the local train/bus station to their accommodation and back, and throughout the weekend as required by the festival.

1. The decisions of the adjudication panel will be final in all competitions and no correspondence will be entered into regarding any aspect of its work.
2. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to limit the number of entries for any competition.
3. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to combine competition categories in the event of a small number of entries or to cancel a competition if sufficient entries are not received.
4. The Artistic Panel reserves the right to refuse entry into any competition.
5. Entry fees (less any bank charges) will be refunded if a choir is not selected.
6. If a selected choir withdraws from the competition, it will not be entitled to a fee refund.
7. The timetable for competitions is to be used as a guideline only and may change at the Festival Board’s discretion.
8. Illegal reproduction of music will not be condoned by the festival. In the event of any illegal reproduction, the Festival Board accepts no responsibility for any action taken by publishers.
9. The Festival Board accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of any matter pertaining to a choir’s participation in the festival and any associated activities.
10. The decisions of the Festival Board are final.
11. All details are subject to change. Any updates will be made on the festival website and will supersede the information in the syllabus.
12. Participation in the festival implies acceptance of all rules and regulations.