23 - 27 October 2024

Non-Competitive Application Form

Please ensure that you have read the Rules & Regulations and the Application Procedure page before submitting your application.

Deadline date for non-competitive entries:Friday 31 May 2024

There are two ways to submit your application for the 2024 festival:

1. Complete our online application form below.
2. Download the syllabus, complete the interactive fields in the application form section, save and email with all supporting materials to info@derrychoirfest.com.

The City of Derry International Choir Festival is GDPR compliant. We ask that you submit your application details below so that we can liaise with you about the festival and let you know about future festivals. For more information please see our Privacy Statement.

Non Competitive Appplication form

Sacred Music Repertoire

Please outline some examples of your sacred repertoire below.

Non-Sacred Music Repertoire

Please outline some examples of your non-sacred repertoire below.

Non-Competitive Activities *

Please indicate which of the following you would like to take part in:

Big Sing Workshop
Choral Trail Performance
Community Concert Performance
Sacred Trail Sunday Service

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How would you like to pay (visiting choirs only)?

We’d love to tell our audience that you are participating in this year’s Choir Festival so please share your social media channels here


If you have selected to pay online, you will be prompted to pay via a PayPal Pay Now button on the thank you page. This page will appear once you have successfully submitted the application form. Please include the name of your choir when filling in your details on PayPal.

N.B. This form should be signed by a mandated, authorised member of the choir, e.g. choir conductor, choir secretary or chair of the governing body/committee.

Once you press send you will receive a thank you message. This confirms that your application has been submitted and received. If you have missed any required fields or an uploaded file is too large then you will see an error message under the field(s) that is incomplete and your application will not be submitted.